At Greenovision, we believe that well-conceived home design should be available to everyone. Our designs are environmentally sensitive, energy-efficient, economically sensible, and beautiful.

Who are we?

Greenovision is a home design company co-owned by Mark Pelletier. Mark me-sailing has more than 30 years of experience in the housing industry as a carpenter, builder, and designer. As a longtime contractor, he worked on numerous projects ranging from multifamily units and custom homes at Big Sky, Montana, to historic home renovations on the East Coast. After learning about home building from the ground up, he received his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Montana State University in 2002 and has been working as a designer ever since. Mark’s contracting and construction experience brings a practical and efficient approach to Greenovision designs. Greenovision, LLC is located in Bozeman, Montana.

Emily Varmecky, co-owner of Greenovision, works on the business and office side of the business. emilyShe also has some construction experience. Emily is a Mount Holyoke College graduate with majors in Biology and Spanish. She is interested in sustainability and is a strong proponent of the green building movement.

We at Greenovision are passionate about designing sustainable, energy-efficient homes and structures with a contemporary edge. Greenovision homes stand apart from your neighbors. While we specialize in new home design, we also design remodels, additions, and other home features (see Home Improvement) as well as offer consultation. We strive to create a rewarding experience by combining the clients’ lifestyle and budget, features of the site and/or existing home, and our design and building experience.

If you are looking for a unique approach to home design, remodeling, energy improvements, and other home enhancements, Greenovision would like to help you achieve your vision.


What do we offer? Schedule a 1 Hour Consultation

We practice ‘Environmental design’ at Greenovision, meaning that the environmental conditions of the site and its surroundings influence our home designs. We believe that homes should compliment and be a sensitive addition to the surrounding landscape, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Positive conditions such as beautiful vistas, passive solar exposure, cool summer breezes, etc are utilized to benefit the home. Negative conditions such as unsightly views, glaring western sunlight, harsh winter winds, etc are minimized through careful design.You can read more about our Environmental design strategies here.

Our home designs not only provide solutions to everyday problems, but also strive to obtain as many benefits as possible from the site’s attributes. An assessment of the home’s site and its local environment is crucial in maximizing passive and active energy gains. Windows and doors are positioned for optimal views and also to harness the sun’s energy. This is a passive solar strategy that relies on building orientation and mass of materials to capture solar radiation, which aids energy efficiency. Active solar energy systems include wind turbines as well as liquid and electric solar PV systems. These systems, when designed into the site and home, make the home more energy sustainable by reducing reliance on gas, oil, and electricity. Every home site has these potentials just as every client has their own life style, patterns, and habits. Greenovision home designs focus on all of these specifics.

It is difficult to make energy improvements on a home that is already built, so it is important to implement energy-efficiency strategies and technologies while the home is still in the design phase. Spending more up front on energy-efficient design, technology, and sustainable materials will ultimately result in a more affordable home because the yearly savings on your energy bills will exceed the costs of the additional infrastructure. We at Greenovision are not only experienced in architecture and construction, but we are also trained in design and technology strategies that will bring energy savings to your home. Through well-conceived design, we aim to reduce material waste during the construction phase as well as energy waste as you live in your home for years to come. Read more about Greenovision’s energy efficient vision here.

At Greenovision we practice Green building.  What is Green Building? Green building refers to both the structure and the process of construction “that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.” The goal of green building is “to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment.”

We at Greenovision strive to create a rewarding experience by combining the clients’ lifestyle with their budget. Every client is different and their future home should reflect those differences. Before designing a home, we listen to the needs, desires, tastes, and habits of each client.  Each home or remodel is designed to accommodate the individual client’s needs and lifestyle. For some, a home can be designed specifically for easy maintenance or for easy mobility within the home.  For others, the home can be designed to accommodate hobbies, pets, and other preferences.  Every client’s unique lifestyle is an opportunity to create a unique home that is truly connected to the way you live.

If You are interested in Greenovision, what’s the next step?

What is the process of having my new energy-efficient home designed? We get this question often. No worries, there is a process! Take a look at this page where we outline the process you should follow when having a new home, remodel, addition, or other home improvement feature designed. For many of our clients, it may be the first time you will have a home designed and built from scratch. We (Mark & Emily) are here to help you with the entire process, from the initial design meetings until you move in.



What clients have to say about Greenovison:

We have had such a good experience working with Mark and Emily at Greenovision. It is not easy to find an architect and build a home from out of state but after meeting with Mark we felt he understood what we were looking for. We needed to stay within a budget while trying to obtain an energy efficient, beautiful low maintenance home. We also knew we wanted to take full advantage of the open sky and sunshine in Montana and incorporate passive solar heating and beautiful views.
We essentially did most of the initial planning and decision making via email. Mark’s computerized drawings are so life like that it is almost like looking at a photo of the constructed house.
The roof design of the house is amazing! During the hot sunny summer months the sun barely comes in the large south facing windows. Today as I write this it is negative 17 degrees outside. The sun is hitting the tile floor and soaking up the heat! This augments our propane fueled radiant floor heat system.
We couldn’t be more happy with the way our house functions for us and the simple beauty of its design.

On New Home Design-Katie Ackerman, Crimson Bluffs Home

I think the Firelight Meadows buildings look amazing and was extremely pleased with the final color choices. Through paint, we accomplished so much with the given character of the… structures. It sounds like we’ve had many positive comments from both homeowners and Realtors. Overall, it was a big task trying to please so many tastes and personalities but worth the work, time and financial investment. We appreciated your patience and assistance with this enormous undertaking…

On Consulting and Design-Annette S., Firelight Meadows HOA Board Member, Big Sky, MT

We had our own ideas and plans for what we wanted our house to look like when built. As is often the case, we accidentally designed a house that was way out of our budget, as well as reality. Mark took our plans and downsized them to a more manageable and affordable scale, while keeping most of what we needed in the house for the family.

He has excellent ideas, is very quick, honest, and up front about what will work and what won’t. We could not have asked for a better outcome to our house building project.

On New Home Design-Greg Ninefeld

Mark did a great job doing the drawings for a new walk out area to my basement. In addition to the parts that I had already envisioned, Mark designed a stunning railing and roof. The steel structure is simple and clean. It supports a beautiful roof made of translucent panels. The structure adds a contemporary, but tasteful touch to my vintage bungalow house.

On Remodel Design-Michael Tallichet

We knew in order to continue to live at 46 Clifford Street we needed substantial changes to the floor plan.  Naturally there were hurdles to overcome.  Would the Historical Society committee go along with such an overhaul?  Thank-you again, Mark, for paving the way for success.  The package you put together for their review was so professional and detailed and of such superior quality that many of the committee members were won over from the start.  For those who needed more convincing, you were able at the hearing , to  articulate the necessity and the beauty of this highly original approach.  The Proposal passed.

On Home Remodel Design-Eckart & Molly Horn