Logan Log Cabin Remodel
Logan Log Cabin Remodel update!

Logan Log Cabin Remodel update!

Just an update on our latest remodel design and its realities.  The homeowners and their two dogs are living in the home as it is being remodeled.  Keeping work and home life separate becomes somewhat difficult, but can be done.

In case you might be considering a remodel of your own, this is where you begin. Without design and drawings, you most likely won’t get to progress to the following below….  Once you begin the remodeling design and construction process, don’t get discouraged! Lots of hurdles are yet to come!

Then you progress to this….

This is a picture taken in the old stair way… you can see the old log cabin which origins are back in the late 1800’s.

The logs are still in good shape!

This is the new staircase to meet modern codes.

Some framing pics along the way of remodeling….

The dried in roof awaits a brand new standing seam roof!  

Time for the plumber and electrician to rough in their utilities. Then on to the insulation of all exterior wall and roof cavities.



Addition + Remodel Design of an 1890’s Home

Addition + Remodel Design of an 1890’s Home

Here’s a sneak peak of an addition/remodel project that we’re currently designing and drafting. This home was originally a log cabin built in the 1890’s that has seen numerous additions over the years. There is a small shed roof addition in the rear that is un-insulated and has asphalt shingles causing severe ice damming and damage to the roof & entryway. The current upstairs space is seldom used because it is too small and poorly designed, plus the stairs are too steep and narrow. This addition solves a number of problems for this home: 1) It fixes the ice damming issue, 2) It creates safer stairs that meet code, and 3) It creates a more comfortable and spacious upstairs space that can serve as a guest room. This addition improves the livability of this home and increases resale value.

This addition is designed to fit the clients’ budget as well as compliment the existing traditional style of the home. The pocket windows add a fun modern flair to the traditional design. This addition along with the added insulation to the existing roofs will greatly improve the energy-efficiency and overall comfort the entire existing home.

The current entry to the home in the rear of the building has no overhang, which during rain and snow events is not a pleasant way to enter and exit the home. The addition is designed to include a new roof over the entry.

These images show the elevations of the new upstairs spaces. An addition to an 1890’s home not only requires careful design, but also a set of detailed plans are required to obtain a building permit. Construction drawings provide instructions and other important information for the builders and subcontractors.

The new upstairs will include a half bathroom, a living/guest room area, built-in shelving, and built-in desks. The addition will also provide a new, spectacular view of the mountains to the east.

Phase 1 of this project is the upstairs addition, however, we are also designing Phase 2, the remodel of the downstairs kitchen.

These are more detailed floor plans of the Phase 2 kitchen remodel design.

These are the 2nd story floor plans for both the current and new spaces. Many of these drawings look askew because the existing home is not square!

The homeowners will be the general contractors and construction of this home improvement project begins this Summer 2017.  Please stay tuned as we share updates of the progress!