Going Green…what does it mean?

In this time period we are all inundated with the catch phrase ‘Going Green’. The AIA and LEED take the approach that it is a consumable for the select elite with robust bank accounts. Sadly, this meaningful approach and thought process to sustainable, ecologically sensitive living is mostly unattainable to the middle class which contributes to much of the built world. With “48% of total US energy consumption that can be attributed to the building sector, most of which – 40% of total consumption – can be attributed just to building operations. That’s heating, lighting, cooling, and hot water. There are others – running pumps and things like that. But 40% of total US energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed just to building operations.” Ed Mazria See more about carbon neutral
Is it that ‘Green design’ itself is unfordable to most? How can Green, ‘eco’ friendly design and building reach the vast majority of those in need of housing? What are parameters that designers might follow to make ‘green’ affordable.
Throughout the modernization period of later industrial times we have turned to mechanical systems to control the heating and cooling of our homes. Architects and builders use technology as a crutch now …much of this added infrastructure of a home is not only expensive but are examples of often poor utilization of material and energy resources. Air conditioning is a example of this.


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