Hawk Ridge Home Write up

Mountain modern solar home

We have completed Hawk Ridge Home located in beautiful Paradise Valley, Montana!

The Hawk Ridge Home, located in beautiful Paradise Valley, Montana is a mountain modern home designed and constructed to be sustainable and energy-efficient with “Sun Smart Radiant Heating” (combined passive solar design and hydronic radiant floor heating). Other green features include passive cooling strategies (aka natural air conditioning), a very well-insulated and tightly sealed building envelope, a super efficient air source heat pump to run the radiant system, solar electric panels, long-lasting exterior materials, interior finish details made from reclaimed lumber, rainwater catchment, and an integrated greenhouse. Even the garage and boat shed have passive solar heat gain and ample natural day lighting, two energy efficiency strategies used in main part of the home.

The home is mostly one level with a small bird’s nest loft that provides beautiful 360 degree views of Paradise Valley and the Absaroka, Gallatin, and Crazy Mountain Ranges. A main aspect of the design and form of the home is to minimize the strong Paradise Valley winds on and around the home. The slatted wooden fences on either side of the garage, which are integrated into the aesthetic/architecture of the home, also help to block winds from hitting the garage and south-facing doors. The Hawk Ridge Home is about 3000 square feet with an open dining room, living, room and kitchen, two and a half bathrooms, two mutli-use guest rooms, a loft/lookout, and a master bedroom with walk-in closet.

Please check our blog and Facebook Page for past information about this home and its design and build process. Completed early 2018.

See the whole project here!