Hawk Ridge Home Framing Photos

Hawk Ridge Home Framing Photos

The sky was a bit ominous yesterday at the Hawk Ridge Home site, but spirits were high! The homeowners met with us there after their drive up from Colorado along with Josh, the general contractor, and the framing crew led by Soren Mundt, Max, Seth and Joe.  By the way, Soren’s father, Gordan Mundt, did the concrete work, which we showed in an earlier post.  These guys have good attitudes and have been successfully and expediently moving through our design making it a reality. By the way, they have so far enjoyed working with Greenovision kit-like detailed framing drawings which is a reward for our hard work.  In a nut shell, we give our builders drawings that have pre-dimensioned every stud and header so that the framers are confronted with fewer major decision making dilemmas, which can disrupt the flow and speed in which the home is erected.  In Montana we have to be very careful about managing the time we have during good weather windows.

What you are seeing is the exterior frame of the home; there is another inner wall system, which is constructed after the roof goes on.  This construction method provides a total wall thickness of 1 foot, which will achieve an R-40 +/-  insulative value.  This is not your average home in the making.  The roof will come in at around R-60+.

We had very productive conversations yesterday and we’re all exited to see this home take shape.

View to the south through the master bedroom window array.

This is where the sliding glass door will be to lead to the covered north-side patio area.

View to the west from the guest room/exercise room.

This is the view to the north from the guest room/office.

This will be the view to the north from the kitchen sink. Not a bad vista when washing dishes!

This is the master bedroom.

Mark and homeowner.

View to the south of Emigrant Peak through the living room window array.

This small room is the attached greenhouse that will be used for hydroponics.

This concrete wall is a trombe wall off the the greenhouse.

This is where the utility closet will be in the garage.

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