Material Usage


How Does Material Usage Define a Green, Healthy Home?

Greenovision’s material usage strategy encompasses a balanced approach while choosing construction materials. Our overall aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of each home. Energy-consumptive transportation is reduced by using local materials, lumber mills, and labor. The materials used must be durable in order to eliminate decay and failure. In Greenovision home designs, we strive to reduce repetitive ‘cover up’ construction, which ultimately reduces material usage and labor hours and also makes the building more natural. We strive to create a healthy living environment by building with fewer off-gassing toxic products. Every material is evaluated for life cycle, recyclable attributes, beauty, and ability to perform multiple tasks. Instead of relying on all prefabricated parts, many features of a Greenovision home can be custom designed and built with durable and natural materials.

We promote paying more up front for quality building materials used, rather than building with cheaper, low-quality materials that are usually unhealthy, energy-inefficient, and have a short life-span. By building with quality, long-lasting materials, the homeowner eliminates unnecessary repair and maintenance, which ultimately saves money and is better for the environment.