Historic Remodel in October

Well some new photos…. Built the new deck and staircase to the second floor.Emily and Carlos have painstakingly almost finished the Tongue and groove ceilings.Jon has been working hard in all directions physical and mental pondering financial difficulties, and scrap’n the old siding off… hang on Jon! step-4-755832[divider] step-3-774158[divider] step-2b-799188[divider] step-2-714783[divider] step-1-734029[divider]

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Some of the Northstar woodworking custom made windows have been delivered by Scott Reeves himself. We are slowly putting them in… its not like slamming in new windows into a new house… this is fussy stuff.There is a lot of prep work in order to get the new windows into the old holes, seems like it takes every tool we have to get it done too.


When we started in on the front of the building there have been staging issues… how do we get way up there to put that top window in?And when we finally got staged ‘way up there’ we realized there was no sense to just put in the window so this opened up a can of worms.Remove old siding, scrape old paint, paint trim… etc.In any case some of the work has revealed good news like the high gable wall is sided with a beautiful ship lap fir … and that the siding is maybe save-able with the right paint and putty.[divider] scrapin-754364[divider] scrapin3-721039[divider] scrapin2-735867[divider] road-side-window-712592[divider] road-side-gable-742622[divider] road-side-gable2-726952[divider] is-this-staging-safe-785206[divider] is-this-staging-safe2-768305 [divider]frontwindows2-741142[divider] from-street-703845[divider]


It’s gradually getting colder here in Portland and we are working faster and harder to get ‘her/him’ closed in before the cold howling winds of Canada come.


Also to note … Emily and I have unfortunately become commuters for the month of October… driving down everyday from Harpswell area for the days work… I have to commute and it makes me feel stupid.It’s a whole 2 hours of our day to make the drives and pretty much has ended our ability to have an hour run or bike each day… oh well this isn’t for ever we tell ourselves, and it is a beautiful place to wake up.


To anyone interested out there… we don’t mind folks stopping by to see us… its lonely on this kind of job, isolating , and mind numbing hours… so drop by and rip a piece of old green siding off… we would love it!  [divider] emily-782484[divider] carloswindow-794420 [divider]carlos'smile-708123[divider] baxi-heaters-in-737522[divider] 1st-window--tongue-736152[divider] 1st-window-prep-783986 [divider]1st-window-in-outside-780478[divider] 1st-window-in2-764017[divider]

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