Paint color mock ups for interior and exterior

Paint color mock ups for interior and exterior paint color selection help our clients get a better sense of how color choices effect their whole home scene. Every home has a existing color palette that can be drawn from. By relating to the environmental and existing material colors already found on site and in and around a home, a visual continuity and melding occurs. The difficulty is in how to test various color choice scenarios without spending the money by purchasing cans of paint to mock it up in real life. Holding small paint chips up against large surfaces to be painted is not only a frustrating way of choosing paint colors, but is highly inaccurate. Why? Light levels change constantly through direct sun lighting, shadows, and interior lighting schemes. Also, as large surfaces are painted, a color is often magnified, which can in the end come off more saturated or brighter than desired. In a nut shell, little paint chips are hard to work with to estimate the end result.

While individual colors might look great alone, once adjacent to other colors, the choices can change color and start to look muddy. Why is this?  Reflected light from a painted/material surface washes the adjacent paint with the paint/material color (hue) it is adjacent to, altering the appearance of the original color. Without mocking up these scenarios, picking paint chips is pretty much a gamble.

How does Greenovision mock up paint colors in a global sense to assist you in choosing your paint?

Model and Render method

Our most realistic and accurate method is through computer modeling and rendering using simulated lighting, mock up environments, material color, and material reflectivity selection. This method simulates hues reflected onto other adjacent color choices fairly accurately.
Example of Rendered model and light reflectivity. Notice the concrete floor picking up orange color from cabinets and doors.
Some interior scenes can be very complex and difficult to visualize without computer models and rendering. The following rendered image of the Hawk Ridge Home has levels of reflectivity, light casting, materials, and paint. What we find is that all variables create a complexity that is hard to visualize without model and rendering programs.
Example of Rendered model and light reflectivity, color saturation, and shadowing.
This modeled and rendered method makes sense if we are already designing spaces or a home for a client, but this is timely and rather costly if used just for a paint scheme alone. Below are a few examples of exterior rendered models with color variation mock ups.

Rendered model with Darker/More orange hued Paint

Rendered model with Lighter/More yellow hued Paint

Photoshop method

What we usually do for paint schemes alone without further design changes is use Photoshop to mimic color choices overlaid onto existing photographs.  The beauty of this method is that multiple color masks can be mocked up then turned on and off to find the best color relationships with the existing environment and architecture. The cons of such a method is that it is still rather interpretive, where we are using our past knowledge and experience to simulate an outcome. For example, the color reflection mentioned earlier is estimated. We can’t guarantee that the results are exact, but nevertheless this Photoshop method is still much better than just holding up a variety of tiny paint chips for visualizing whole scenes. Examples of this method below (Greenovision’s work for Firelight Meadows, Big Sky Montana.)

Original photo

Firelight Meadows Big Sky Montana Painting remodel

Photoshop with color samples

Firelight Meadows Big Sky Montana Painting renewal

Actual painted final product

Choosing paint color schemes is an art and requires a talent for seeing colors and color combinations. It is a definite departure from knee jerk color selection like, ‘I like blue so let’s make it blue.’  This is not a way to choose color!  Remember, choosing colors is serious business because everyone around your home have to live with such color choices. We want our clients to have a say in the end color selection so that they have a part in the design of their home if they choose to; we can assist the client in the visualization and provide necessary advice for making good color choices. We can also pick the colors for you if you don’t have a talent for color selection or the time. In the end, we still look at paint companies’ actual paint chips against all rendered images to find exact matches.

If you are interested in this service, please let us know. Contact us today!