Hawk Ridge Home

Mountain modern solar home

We have completed Hawk Ridge Home located in beautiful Paradise Valley, Montana!

Hawk Ridge Home, located in beautiful Paradise Valley, Montana. The Hawk Ridge Home is designed to be sustainable and energy-efficient with “Sun Smart Radiant Heating” (combined passive solar and radiant hydronic heating), passive cooling, a well-insulated and tightly sealed building envelope, solar electric panels, long-lasting exterior materials, interior finish details made from reclaimed lumber, and other green features. A main aspect of the design is minimizing the strong Paradise Valley winds on and around the home.

The home is mostly one level with a small bird’s nest loft that will provide 360 degree views of the Absaroka and Gallatin Mountains. There is a greenhouse integrated into the home with a hydroponic growing system.

Please check our blog and Facebook Page for past information about this home and its design and build process. Completed early 2018.