Transparent Awning Over Sliding Door Built and Installed

Why Polycarbonate awnings make sense

All exterior doors and their thresholds should be protected by a roof.  In my early days of remodeling construction, I took apart numbers of exterior doorways due to water damage.  Whenever there is a penetration through an exterior wall that is at ground level, there will be moisture issues over time no mater how well the builder tried to seal the door during installation.  Typical roofs over glass doors cut off day lighting and views; not so with our polycarbonate awnings. Our custom designed transparent awnings not only protect the threshold from water damage, but also add UV protection to vulnerable interior finishes from harmful sun rays. Our awnings still let the sunlight in and look sleek and stylish. This awning, recently built and installed at the Hawk Ridge Home, is also an important component of the passive solar design.

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